i update this like once every few weeks depending on how many doodles i get, so if it takes a little bit for your doodle to be added don't worry !! it will be here eventually, i promise :D i appreciate all the doodles i get!! thank you sillies

Oh ok :3 boiioioing

Why is he getting smashed with a hammer vash


AW HAIII!! its ok, i bet you're super cool too buddy!!

look whatever this is. I love it.

thank you kiana i love the self portrait

the tenth doctor! how cute 

heelloooo!! meow :3

what a beautiful sparkly shiny among us...

ok tbh this one isn't as bad. he's kinda cute.

Part one of the ugly wa,lly dax saga

I LOVE YOU TOO!! I think i know who sent this. maybe


awww this is like me and gloria my sweet princess

But this one is going to be in hell with me i think.

lalalala ^_^ off to meddle in relationships

me when no chicken alfredo. sigh

i'm collecting deadpool thumbs up doodles. thnak u

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