i like good omens, adventure time, spiderman, deadpool, genshin, identity v, welcome home, puppets, homestuck, steven universe, smile for me, the magnus archives, 8:11, cell of empireo, dogs/canines, sky: cotl + more (extended list here)

keep interactions short if younger than 16 and fuck off if we've had issues in the past. no point in having a long dni, i'll just block you

as for other important info, don't send videos with eating noises. try to avoid bringing up my ex often. lastly, i have crude humor (like toilet humor) so let me know what makes you uncomfy.

hello! i'm wade. i'm a pretty friendly guy, i'm just kind of shy :p i have bpd adhd & autism. my hobbies are coding, drawing, and writing. i'm not a very serious guy, so don't take everything i say too literally