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helloooo!~ ^_^ i'm wade! i'm just a guy on the internet. i like to draw and play games, but sometimes (rarely) i'll code, write fics, or roleplay.

i am an enfp with anxiety. god has cursed me. and i have bpd, so give me time to warm up to you.. ! 🐶 once i get comfortable i probably won't stfu, so. keep that in mind. 

i like good omens, spiderman, deadpool, welcome home, regretevator, smile for me, homestuck, adventure time, steven universe, identity v, genshin + way more (click here)

note: i probably hate the shitty creators/fandoms just as much as you do! don't jump to conclusions, PLEASEEE!! i'm normal!!

click the note to go to my lovemail page!! :3

here's some links to help palestine: arab.org (just a few clicks a day!) & decolonizepalestine.com (learn their history) you cannot be neutral on a genocide. if you think otherwise you're just Wrong and complicit




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april 11th

more wade trivia added + some other small things! i also added a random poll about favorite foods just for funsies :3 now i gotta update other stuff...

wadecore list aka just characters i find comfort in or relate to or both!! ^_^ idgaf if you also feel connected to them i'm not a loser, tbh we should be friends if anything! i also have an extended kinlist here
anddd here's my picasso thing! you can draw anything, idgaf. just have fun :3 i appreciate any doodles i get! if you don't wanna draw but still wanna leave me something, you can just sign my guestbook here!

click here to go to my doodle gallery. i'll try to put as many as i can, but umm. i won't be putting all the dick doodles. i get too many. but thank you for your wonderful penises! ^_^"

here's other links to help palestine:

esims for gaza (link)

petitions & other stuff you can do to help! (link)

remember that if you can't do much, anything is better than staying silent.

oh god fucking help me

TRUE!!!! Relax... other people aren't invalidating ur existence..!!



random wade trivia

1. for any homestucks, i'm a knight of heart

2. my favorite colors are blue and pink :3

3. i have 3 dogs !!!

4. i am friendly asnd nice and i won't bite your hand if you stick it in the bars of my enclosure

5. i have a 400+ day streak on duolingo and i'm afraid of losing it

6. my favorite musicians are oingo boingo, that handsome devil, foo fighters, the scary jokes and orville peck

7. i am an enfp (i think) i used to claim i was an xntp but um. No LOL

help yourself ! ^_^

personally, my favorite food is chicken alfredo or pepperoni pizza. i can't really pick! they're both just really yummy for different reasons. i think i'm slightly biased to pizza though, tbh. its a classic! and widely loved!

i'll put responses to the poll below!


keep interactions short if you're under 18. brief conversations are fine, but i don't want to be friends. other than that, i block freely... but i can usually get along with most people as long as you're not like, gatekeepy or rude.

as for boundaries, i'd prefer it if you didn't bring up my ex often (if you know who they are) also, please try to be mindful of chewing / eating noises around me... even videos ^_^" you're free to vent to me if you need to or just ramble about things you like, i will listen! i'm not great at comforting people though.

if i have iwc in my discord status, i'm not feeling Great. that doesn't mean you have to comfort me... just don't make any Overly Rude jokes. also i don't understand neopronouns, if that bothers you, SORRY! i also tend to joke flirt with friends or lightly tease them, just tell me what jokes to avoid!

you can find me on: tumblr, twitter, artfight, toyhouse, spotify, roblox & pokefarm

my discord is maladjust.ed, let me know before you add me! i also don't really log onto pokefarm anymore...


this is me btw 
hell yea i love this song