i update this like once every few weeks depending on how many doodles i get, so if it takes a little bit for your doodle to be added don't worry !! it will be here eventually, i promise :D i appreciate all the doodles i get!! thank you sillies

Does He Know? thanks mob i llove the Cat

foul creature...!! but thank you.. roger..

a portrait of my dog gloria by roger

what a cutie patootie!! :3 thank you scout!

looking into his autism eyes.. thank u ella :D

thank u vil i love red

ANOTHER scout rainbow dash.. ooghh the colors r so good

bubbles from my sweet bubbly friend dax

itty bitty...

god i still don't know how scout did this its sooo cute

wawa thank u :3 this doodle is so cute

awww he's just a little guy :3

this is very cuteee!! 


the imposter is Thick...

aww he's doing a heart this is so cute.. thank you :D

oh my god noo dave stider get out of the fire

thank you for the Dog anon!

aww cheesecake.. i've never had it actually!

THIS IS SOOO CUTEE!! thank you!

real as fuck.... augh

chicken.. one of my favorite meats for sure

fat fucking frog friday!!!!!!!!!!

update: the spidermen were by my silly friend alej. god bless them. i went insane for a month until he revealed she was behind it. with the help of my friend vash i was sent 30+ spiderman from them both. i think about this often.... it is very silly.

Rainbow dash... thank u kiana!! she is so cute

another kiana rainbow dash (but this one came first)

what a bashful little guy.. thank you roger!

d'aawww!! thank you for the doodle cb!! :D

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