shit where do i even begin. my siblings are so important to me, i don't know where i would be without them rn. i love them bothSOOO SOOO much. i'm really glad that they've stuck around. apply family foreva...

kiana is one of the nicest people i know.. and one of the funniest too. they're been there for me whenever i needed it, and i really appreciate it. and they have SUCHHH CUTE ARTT and cute designs u guys should commission them (free promo) i love kiana to bits and i will NEVER let a man come between me and my little brothy.. a mlm transguy without a nb lesbian best friend is like an angel without wings

vASHHH omg my little sibloing forever.. i've known them for so many years. they're my little buddy :3 they're silly and they rllyyyy got me through some Crazy shit. they were there for me while i was probably at the lowest point of my life (high school 4th period) adn they are also one of the funniest people ever

THESE GUUYYYSSSS!! omfg. these silly goobers knew me back when i was probably the most insufferable little guy ever

dax is one of my HOMEBOYS. OK. he's like an enigma to me but i love him to bits. he's so fucking cool and nice and helpful and just. guh. he's THE COOLEST. and soo funny and bubbly omg i'm just... i love this guy. shoutout to him for being fucking Awesome

TEKO... teko my little guy the little stray cat i picked up from the street you are so silly. i don't know if you'll ever read this but thats okay because that doesn't matter to me. he is one of my best friends and i am so glad that friendship is magic because what the hell would i be doing without someone to follow me around in genshin to solve puzzles i'm too dumb to do

ROGAHHHH rogerhhhhh omg. dude he's43?%^%&^%?7 one of my coolest friends ever. ok. i cannot believe he's my friend sometimes. can YOU guys believe that this guy is my friend? he's also one of my best friends. i really like watching old movies with him :3 he indulges in some of my interests and ohhh it makes me so happy

these 2 are some of the friends i've had for the longest time EVER. we do not talk often if ever but i love them and idgaf how often we talk. they're literally perfect to me. they knew me at my cringiest (not that i've gotten any less cringy Ok actually i did holy fuck i used to be insane) 

basil i have basically known my ENTIRE SENTIENT LIFE. i remember little to nothing before i met this guy. he is my homeboy. he is also like a brother to me because we have known each other so long... and his mama is nice to me :3 i would do anything for him

june. JUNE!!!! i met them on ANIMAL JAM. idk how old i was but probably like. 8. 9. idfk. ITS BEEN A WHILE. we met because of warrior cats and i think thatss really beautiful. i'm glad they're still around and lurk in my discord server

ok i know this looks a little messy but these are my ypplets. my ypplings. my sweet little lab rats who i throw cheese at to make them do funny dances. i love them so much, i genuinely cannot put it into words how much this group has gotten me through. i might have to keep the paragraphs for these short and sweet but please know they are valued and loved like everyone else i just feel like this page is long as fuuuckkk edit: nvm my bad

cait omg she is so silly.. she is rarely around because she touches grass n stuff unlike me but i think she's so cool. she loves the spiderverse a lot and i do too and thats Awesome. she is also quite funny :3 and i like her art!!

ELLA!!! i love her to bits!!! she is one of the nicest people i have EVER MET!!! i get a little shy but i really think she's neat and awesome and cool interests.. everytime i talk to her i get excited because she is sooo cool and SO FUNNY. i don't understand it i'm friends with some of the funniest people ever

LEon i love this guy... i don't talk to him much (i'm shy) (again) but he kinda carries the starboard in my server. he's also got some really cool interests... quite an intriguing fella. always got some crazy shit to tell us about too

alej is an enigma to me. they will come into the server and drop awesome pictures of his dog or art or whatever else and then Disappear... she's so silly though. and i really like their whole spiderman scheme that was reallyyyy good for me i loved it

last but CERTAINLY not leas.t.. PUCK!! this guy fucking rocks. he's not around very much rn but i met him on genshin and he was cool so now he's in ypp. he's a funny guy though n i really like his writing and his art!!! and he's just in general a super cool guy :3

you may be thinking: wow! that was a lot of text i definitely did not care to read! surely this must be the end. and sorry to say,  BUT IT ISN'T! YOU MUST SCROLL SOME MORE. WOE BE UPON YE, GAZE UPON MY FAVORITE QUOTES AND FUNNY MOMENTS WITH SOME OF MY PALS!

okiee thats all!! byeee! :3 love u!! have a good day!! if you're not on here i'll probably add you once i have enough for an entirely new section... or u can just ask me to put you on and i will anywayy~~

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